Contact Nordturn whenever you have a workpiece you want to have processed in steel, plastic, or metal within the field of Swiss type lathing, automatic lathing, or milling. You can trust that we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the task and solve it to perfection within an agreed prize and time limit.

  • CNC Swiss type lathing with a processing area from Ø3 – Ø42 mm
  • Automatic lathing of workpieces from Ø10 – Ø81 mm
  • Automatic lathing with robotic charging up to Ø230 mm
  • 3-axis milling with X-1020 mm, Y-510 mm, and Z-460 mm.
  • Handling of batch sizes from 1 – 10.000.000 pieces.
  • Items are delivered clean and washed, ready for use.

Swiss Turning

One of our absolute specialities! We have a total of 12 Swiss type lathes available at the factory as well as some of Denmark’s most skilled technicians in this field

Automatic lathe

Our automatic lathes process the workpieces quickly and flexibly. You can expect an output with a perfect finish that meets all requirements and specifications.


What characterizes our milling the high flexibility and productivity. Our milling stations delivers a high quality of the surface quality.

Inventory Control

At Nordturn, it is possible to have components stored in stock if a large quantity is produced in the same series in case the customer needs to have covered a anticipated larger need of workpieces.

This makes it possible for Nordturn to deliver within a shorter time period.