Apprentices at Nordturn

Meet some of our talented current and former apprentices I love the great atmosphere when you come to work, it’s like a small family where everyone helps each other and supports each other. I work very independently and am happy about the trust Lasse and the rest of my colleagues have in me and my […]

Dataindsamling og CO2 beregninger

Nordturn is Climate Ready During the spring and summer of 2023, Nordturn has been working on the Klimaklar Produktionsvirksomhed course. The process is a collaboration between Dansk Industri and Industriens Fond, which will equip Danish production companies to become “climate ready” by 2026. A Competivite Company One of Nordturn’s visions is, and has always been, […]

Nordturn Takes on Spain

Teambuilding in Spain 2023 Teambuilding Our trip to Spain offered a lot of fun, good times, delicious food, but most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to meet each other in a neutral environment outside the workplace. There was everything you could possibly imagine. And if anything we have gained a much better friendship and […]