At Nordturn we wish to take it the extra mile. That is why we make sure that all our components are washed thouroughly before they are shipped off to our costumers.

With three different washers in different sizes, we have the possibility to wash components of all shapes and sizes. With this, no oil should be left on the components when they are packed and shipped, and our costumers can put them to use the moment they come through the door.

After production

When the components are done in production, they are moved to our finished goods warehouse, here they are put through our thourough washing system before they are packed and shipped.

Washing system

Our large washing system goes through all our components before packaging, here they are cleaned from any left over oils or other parts from production and dried.

Ready for packaging

After a thourough wash, the components are free of oil from production and ready for packaging. We seek that all the components we ship off to our costumers are as ready for use as possible.