Teambuilding in Spain 2023


Our trip to Spain offered a lot of fun, good times, delicious food, but most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to meet each other in a neutral environment outside the workplace.

There was everything you could possibly imagine. And if anything we have gained a much better friendship and raised morale and mood in the workshop.


Although there was plenty of time for fun and relaxation, the point of the trip was that we had to be challenged on our cooperation.

Our entire Friday was therefore devoted to TEAMBUILDING

Here we were challenged in various cooperation exercises, to become better at praising each other, learn more about each other's limits and, most importantly, gain a better understanding of each other's approach to work.

The day ended with some loving competition that brought laughs and a single trip to the hospital.

The good vibes

We were all excited to go on this particular trip, and the good atmosphere was with us from the very moment we met at the airport - and still is. 

We've gotten to know each other in a way we wouldn't have otherwise, and it can be felt in our daily life. We have gotten to know each other much better, the laughs have therefore only gotten louder and longer after we have returned home.

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